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Here at Golden Brown we pride ourselves on offering our clients the best products and treatments, providing an enjoyable experience with impressive results.

We strive to ensure that our clients get the very most out of every visit by having our team highly trained, enabling you to relax and thoroughly enjoy every minute of your time with us.

Situated in the heart of Cheriton, Folkestone, we are proud to serve many local clients as well as those travel specifically to ude our services.

Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation, or drop by for a fantastic kentich blended coffees or teas.



Our lay down sunbeds are brand new Hapro Luxura X7 42 SLi High Intensive Sunbeds. The stylish X7 is a comfortable sunbed with impressive tanning results. Thanks to the choice of many optional features it guarantees a comfortable tanning session and a wonderful wellness experience. The X7 is standard equipped with a BPS filter, Ambient FlowLight and ContourPlus.


Feature packed including a fantastic sound system that can even Bluetooth your own music through the sunbed, 4 x High Pressure Facials, Superbrite, heads up, smart control display and AmbientFlow display lighting  

Our Stand Up Sunbeds are Brand New Hapro Luxura V8 48 XLBalance Vertical Sunbeds.

The V8 offers the most prestigious performance thanks to advanced new features and functionalities that guarantee a very luxurious and comfortable sun experience.


Features include: Bluetooth SoundAround Music with speakers in the roof, Ambient FlowLight panel including smart touch control, Ambient FlowLight for doors, eyeliners and floor and 3 steps adjustable body cooler

Our Leg Tanners are brand new Sol-Rapides. The fastest, easiest way to tan legs! 

Why are legs hard to tan? Melanin is the pigment in the skin which causes it to darken when exposed to UV but the body produces less melanin in the legs and  the skin is thicker and drier.

Our leg tanners projecting the same UVA & UVB rays as the sun providing rapid tanning and a big Vitamin D Boost and by using the best phospors and glass, the lamps produce the best in class, safe tanning performance.

It's full length and ergonomic shape ensures an even tan to the top of the bikini or trunks and with the addition of Redlight Collagen Lamps it has been proven to increase Collagen and Elastin Sythesis. This in turn, helps revitalise and restore radiance, improve skin tone and stimulate circulation. This potent combination of UV Tanning & RedLight Therapy is designed to create the best leg tan ever! It also has the added benefit of easing skin conditions such as Psoriasis & Eczema.

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