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Using a tanning accelerator or bronzer is highly recommended as they aid the process of the entire reason of using a sunbed. For example, you wouldn’t go to the gym without using supplements such as protein shakes and pre-workouts to aid your process. The same applies here, these products are designed to aid your tanning by giving your skin vital ingredients and enrichments to prevent damage. Golden Brown Sunbeds will not allow our customers to use their own products unless they are approved by a member of staff. Using products not designed for sunbed use is extremely dangerous and irresponsible, we aim to provide a safe service that is welcoming and informative

Product Price List

Ultima Hybrid- £35.00

Wildly Dark Seltzer - £18.00

Pro Tan For Men - £25.00

Maximiser For Men - £21.00

Beaches & Crème - £25.00

Tan Inc Golden Brown - £20.00

Devoted Creations - £21.00

24k Super Carrot - £25.00

Perfectly Tan - £18.00

Luscious Legs - £15.00

Indigo Waters - £35.00

RedLight Mist - £20.00

RedLight Facial Serum - £17.00

RedLight Under Eye - £20.00

RedLight Lotion - £20.00

What's the difference?



A Tanning accelerator is exactly what is says on the label, an accelerator, used during your tanning session to speed up/intensify the process of your desired tan. They can do this at a much deeper layer of the skin boosting melanin production to achieve a result like the look of taking a vacation; natural and glowing! An accelerator is curated with no bronzing qualities added, they provide skin-enriching ingredients to produce hydration and tan aiding benefits which allows the skin to tan to the colour your melanin produces naturally. This is achieved gradually with longer-lasting effects.


  • Fast acting (Naturally Simulating)

  • Deeper level tanning

  • Higher satisfaction

  • Prolonged results




Similarly, to an accelerator, bronzers still aid the production of melanin in your skin to produce a dark, rich tan however, the difference comes down to the ingredients used to create the product. Bronzers normally can be used to achieve an immediate colour with a short-lasting effect. These products will also help to achieve an even result on areas that usually are quite hard to tan. Using a bronzer instead of an accelerator is a quick advantage to sunbeds- think spray tan, but on a sunbed.


  • Fast acting

  • Short-lasting results for convenience

  • Less exposure to U.V

  • Dark results

Don't see a personal favorite?

Speak with a member of staff and we shall try our best to stock that product! 

We love hearing about and seeing new products! Any recommendations? 

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