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If you have not been on a sunbed before, it may seem a little daunting, but don’t worry we will explain everything you need to know on this page! Including:

  1. Lotions – What is available and why should I use one?

  2. Minutes – How many minutes should I do?

  3. Beds – Which type of bed should I use?

  4. Preperation – What do I need to bring?

  5. Eye protection - Is this essential?


When going on a sunbed for any amount of time, it is always recomended to use a lotion to help promote the tanning process. 

Everybody is different and tans at different rates. Some tan faster, some slower. This is not just due to skin type, but the condition of the skin and tanning history. Modern tan accelerators and sunbed creams contain specific ingredients that are absorbed into the skin to encourage the movement of melanocytes to the surface of the skin, maximising the tanning potential of your session.

Whilst tanning we perspire and this can dry the skin. Dry skin reflects light and as dry skin cells shed more frequently, if a shallow tan is developed, it does not last. Using a UV specific sunbed lotion during your session replaces moisture lost to prevent the skin drying out.

Golden Brown Tanning Lotions and Accelerators


Never use a sunbed without wearing eye protection. Wearing regular sunglasses or closing your eyes isn’t enough because UV rays can penetrate your eyes through your sunglasses and eyelids. You must wear eye protection designed specifically for use on sunbeds. These have the proper UV protection to safeguard your eyes.

At Golden Brown we stock Australian Gold Peepers which are specifically designed to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, ensure a comfortable fit, and also avoid getting tan lines on the face.

Sunbed Tanning Eye Protection at Golden Brown Cheriton


Lay down tanning beds allow you to rest and relax while getting your desired tan. This is a more traditional bed and is often what people expect when they come for a tanning salon experience. In many ways, it can be a therapeutic experience and comforting under the warm lights.

Lay down tanning beds do have pressure points, which can impact the final look of the tan. One of the downsides to selecting a lay down tanning bed is the fact that pressure points are created while you are resting on the bed. This prevents the UV rays from being fully absorbed by the skin and can create small spots or creases in the tan. Those who are trying to decide between the two types of tanning beds should consider this before making their final selection.

Lay Down Sunbed Tanning at Golden Brown Cheriton


Leg Tanners are the ultimate tanning solution for people who have a hard time tanning their legs or those who are trying to match the tan on the legs with the rest of the body.

Why are Legs Hard to Tan? Melanin is the pigment in the skin which causes it to darken when exposed to UV but the body produces less melanin in the legs and their thicker, drier skin, mean that the legs are usually a step behind in the tanning stakes!

Leg Tanners can be used additionally to any sunbed session for fast and even tanning results, especially during summer when people wear shorts and skirts.

They are also Ideal for people who want to boost the colour of their legs without further exposing the upper body to UV light, or people who suffer from claustrophobia and are afraid of small and closed spaces.

Leg Tanning at Golden Brown Cheriton


if this is your first time, one of our expert team will assess your skin type and recomend a course starting with short sessions of 3  to 5 minutes and increasing as you build up your tan. 

Little and often is recommended until you reach your desired colour then you can leave a longer time frame between your sessions.

Whilst building your tan we do not recommend to leave more than 72 hours between each tanning session as the tanning process starts over. 

How Many Minutes should you go on Golden Brown Sunbeds


Every person who comes into a tanning salon has different goals. Some are looking to bronze up before an upcoming vacation to a tropical destination, whereas others are hoping to maintain a healthy tan throughout the entire year. Regardless of your individual goals when tanning, it’s important that you use the right beds that will help you achieve the look that you want and need.

At Golden Brown we have three types of beds. Stand Up, Lay Down, and Leg Tanners. Our team will work with you to help you choose the tanning bed that will allow you to relax and stay comfortable while achieving an amazing tan.

Sunbed Tanning at Golden Brown Cheriton


Stand up tanning beds require you to stand in place for the duration of the session. Compared to the lay down tanning bed, the stand up bed can feel more like work than a relaxing afternoon at the salon.


Those who are used to having a more restful experience may not enjoy the stand up bed as much as they like the lay down tanning bed.

The lights in a stand up bed are more intense, so the tanning sessions can be shorter. This is a benefit to those who do enjoy standing in place for their tanning session. These shorter sessions have also made the stand up tanning beds a popular choice for those who are trying to get a great tan on the go. It’s easy to fit in a stand up tanning session on a lunch break or on the way home from work.

Many people report that they get a more even tan when using a stand up bed. There are no pressure points, and the UV light has access to all exposed skin. There are rarely crease lines or pressure point marks when a person uses a stand up tanning bed, which has led more people to select this option.

Stand Up Sunbed Tanning at Golden Brown Cheriton


No preparation is needed for a sunbed just bring yourself!

At Golden Brown we have everything you need, from tanning advice, eye protection, a premium selection of lotions and refreshments!

Please do not bring your own lotions unless you have purchased them from us as you will not be able to use them. Only very specific lotions can be used in the sunbeds so that the light tubes do not get damaged.

Sunbed Tanning Preperation at Golden Brown Cheriton
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