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Golden Brown

Block Packages

Purchasing a block package is great tool for avid sunbed users as not only are you saving money, but are also able to use your minutes as you see fit. After you purchase your chosen package, every time you use your minutes we will keep track of it for you and kindly remind you via text when you're down to your last 10 minutes. 


£1.00 per Minute

30 Minutes - £27.00

60 Minutes - £51.00

90 Minutes - £72.00

180 Minutes- £135.00

500 Minutes - £350.00

Our block package courses are there to be used based on your own judgement and session preference. There is no expectation on how many minutes you wish to use, when you want to use them and how you want to use them. Please note; we are to only allow a 6 minute session to all new clients. We are to regulate your sessions with a rest period of 24hrs between sessions. 

We allow a walk-in service of up to 15 minutes. However, if you're new to us the above still applies. We register all our clients regardless if you're purchasing a block package or a selected amount. 

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